Garden Fairy Tales

Hi! I'm Mikhaila n.n I love all Japanese fashion and I have this blog for the purpose of posting gratuitous selfies and other miscellaneous cute things. Welcome!


okay but im in love with this new dress/wig/bear-ears/eVERYTHING

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Sep. reservation dress ‘Golden Bow Tartan’ 

Type : JSK / High Waist Skirt
Color Way : Red Gold / Navy Gold
Size : SM / LXL
Hair Item : Beret / Wire Head Bow
Etc : Wrist Band

- Reservation :
- Preorder :

- Reservation Period : Sep 22th~ Oct 5th
- Shipping Period : Nov 24th ~

(via istillwannabeasailorsenshi)


Today’s outfit:

Angelic pretty - Cinema Doll 

I redecorated my hat again today! Angelic Pretty x corgi-corgi!

❤ LOOKBOOK  (my coords details)  ❤ Instagram

(via istillwannabeasailorsenshi)

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